Everyone says they can measure mobile ad campaign “conversions.” But it’s important to know specifically what they’re measuring, and whether those metrics are useful just for identifying consumer interest, or truly meaningful for determining the bottom-line success of the campaign. Measuring return on ad spend based on incremental in-store sales lift is the best measure of campaign effectiveness. And 4INFO has conducted more than 450 real-world sales lift measurement studies that prove it. It’s no wonder more than 200 of America’s biggest brands run their campaigns on the 4INFO platform, including eight of the top 10 CPG companies, six of the top 10 retailers and the five biggest auto manufacturers. With 4INFO, measurement is pure gold.

4INFO clients have seen more than $330 million in incremental sales lift.


The challenge of linking mobile ad exposure to offline purchase data often causes advertisers to rely on the wrong data to determine the ROI of their mobile campaigns. All ad platforms can provide reporting of clicks, page views, rich media engagements and downloads, all of which can be useful for highlighting interest or engagement. But numerous studies prove there’s zero correlation between clickers and buyers.

Measuring store visits, determined by ad requests that come from the vicinity of a targeted retail location, might seem like a good solution. Some platform providers would consider that a conversion. Unfortunately, you don’t know if the visitor made a purchase and if they did, how much. Worse, major flaws in the methodology can result in uncounted or wrongly counted store visits, with one study finding just 1% of store visits are accurately captured.


We believe the most meaningful metric is return on ad spend based on incremental in-store sales lift. Didn’t know it’s possible to link in-store sales to mobile ad exposure?

It’s time to start believing. Because the truth is, not only is it possible to attribute sales to mobile ads, 4INFO is executing measured campaigns every day. The key is the ability to link mobile devices to the purchase data of the consumers who own those phones and tablets. That’s why 4INFO succeeds where so many other platforms don’t.

With more than 450 real-world sales lift measurement studies to our credit, no one has more experience conducting measured mobile campaigns than 4INFO. If you’re interested in learning more about how to measure campaigns, or what to expect when you do, you should download these eye-opening whitepapers:

2017 CPG Sales Lift Measurement Benchmarks Report
The Definitive Guide to Mobile Ad Measurement
2016 Mobile Ad Benchmarks Report

These reports provide a wealth of information about measurement techniques and processes. You can find these and other valuable whitepapers in the Resources section of this site.


In addition to measuring in-store sales lift, 4INFO provides comprehensive insights to help you understand the entire customer journey, not just the point of purchase. Per4mance Trak, our real-time dashboard for all of your 4INFO mobile campaigns, provides numerous data points to analyze campaign performance like never before. Those include basic campaign metrics, plus store visits and 13 dimensions of audience composition such as age, education, ethnicity, gender, marital status, disposable income and others. Plus we give you store visits, at no cost, to provide early insight in the Customer Journey.