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    If you’re into market segmentation, we have the solution.

    When it comes to vertical markets, AdHaven Bullseye has what it takes to squeeze better results from every segment. By partnering with the most trusted 3rd party data providers, we deliver integrated precision targeting and measurement solutions for these verticals:

    • Automotive
    • Retail
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Financial
    • Customer Relationship Management

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  • Automotive

    How Bullseye hits the mark with automotive buyers.

    Offered through a partnership with DLX Auto powered by Polk, automotive companies can target based on a huge variety of automotive affinity, ownership and market features, and measure the results of the campaign through Polk data.

  • Retail

    How Bullseye hits the mark with retail customers.

    Powered by our relationship with Acxiom, we enable retailers to reach mobile audiences based on a plethora of actual household purchase data. So they can serve customers targeted ads and measure response at the cash register using 4INFO TruView™ measurement.

  • cpg

    How Bullseye hits the mark with packaged goods buyers.

    Through an exclusive relationship with Catalina, we give CPG brands the ability to reach mobile consumers based on past purchase behavior, including product categories, frequency and even brand preference. Since we know who saw the ad, and Catalina call tell you who bought the product, measuring sales lift is a snap.

  • Financial

    How Bullseye hits the mark with financial services.

    By integrating 3rd party data from Acxiom, we enable financial clients such as banks, credit card and insurance companies to reach their mobile audiences efficiently and effectively. With mobile in their arsenal, these advertisers are making the most of their marketing budgets.

  • CRM

    How Bullseye hits the mark with your current customers.

    Brands with large-scale customer CRM data can target those customers with exclusive mobile campaigns. Reach only your customers, with no wasted impressions. Custom segmentation is available, as well as TruView™ measurement - comprehensive reporting of impression data by household, enabling true understanding of results at the cash register, where it counts.