The Birth of Mobile Marketing for the Pharma Industry

by Kirsten McMullen "audience targeting", healthcare, "mobile advertising", pharma, privacy
The Birth of Mobile Marketing for the Pharma Industry

The recent news of the Crossix/4INFO Partnership heralds a channel awakening: the ability for pharmaceutical marketers to take what Crossix has given them – identifying a qualified audience for pharma ads – and now deliver their message to a mobile device audience.

A key concern for the pharma marketers is the preservation of consumer privacy while ensuring that their message is reaching the right audience. And, as you know, this is a value we share with them:

  • Using a combination of health and consumer data, Crossix can determine the combination and weight of consumer variables most closely correlated with the likelihood to perform a specific health behavior, such as treating within a condition category. At no time is an individual’s actual health data used in the application of the models for media targeting purposes.
  • Similarly, 4INFO is able to identify specific audiences using household purchase history data so that national brand advertisers can reach precise audiences across mobile devices and desktops, and then measure campaign success based on actual sales lift. And we, too, do this while protecting the privacy of the consumer.

By combining our proprietary technologies, pharma marketers will now be able to reach qualified audiences, not only in print and on desktop browsers, but also on mobile devices. 

This is essentially uncharted territory. Combining a leading healthcare marketing analytics provider’s capabilities with 4INFO’s ability to match more than 300 million devices in more than 100 million U.S. homes, pharma marketers can finally reach and engage with relevant health consumers on their mobile devices.

But how will pharma marketers measure the success of a mobile ad campaign?

This is a critical factor in determining the worth of the mobile channel in delivering their message – and not just in terms of eyeballs (how many saw the ad) or even how many interacted with the ad (clicks and taps), but in the bottom line impact. i.e., was there a resulting lift in sales from their mobile ads? 

That’s where we shine. We make it possible for pharma marketers to measure their mobile advertising based on the actual lift in direct-to-consumer (DTC) driven sales. The data-driven direct-link partnership we’re establishing between 4INFO and Crossix delivers three unprecedented capabilities:
  • Accurate audiences through linking devices and people using home address as a match key based on seeing devices over multiple days and times. Matched to Crossix data for ad delivery, we have found that audience accuracy/relevancy more than doubles compared to other platforms.
  • Wide audience reach, broad enough (95 percent of U.S. smartphone users across all of their mobile devices) to ensure the widest audience when targeting.
  • Meaningful campaign measurement for pharma marketers, empowering them to optimize campaigns based on actual incremental lift in DTC-generated revenue.

Pharma marketers have historically struggled to reach qualified health audiences with mobile advertising, due to challenge of upholding HIPAA privacy rules that prohibit the use of personal health information for media targeting purposes. Since 4INFO is already delivering audience identification without identifying the individual, the 4INFO/Crossix partnership will prove to be a godsend to pharma marketers.

Read more about the 4INFO/Crossix partnership, or contact us for more info on how to deliver your pharma message accurately on mobile.