The State of Location-Driven Mobile Marketing

by Chuck Moxley, CMO advertising, "campaign measurement", data, location, "sales lift", "store visits"
The State of Location-Driven Mobile Marketing

Five faux pas of location-based mobile – What you don’t know could hurt you!

Smartphones are the first communication device in history found at every physical and digital touchpoint along the customer’s purchase journey. No wonder that marketers see location-based mobile advertising as the Holy Grail of advertising.
But be certain first:
  • Do location-based marketing products live up to the promise?
  • Are marketers relying too much on location?
  • Are they missing key opportunities? Or misusing the location data they gather?
Mobile and Location go hand-in-hand, so it’s no wonder that location targeting has become a key aspect of mobile advertising. But as you’ll see in our recent whitepaper Location Fails, it is possible to go overboard, or even misuse Location as a tool in your mobile advertising toolbox.

Location-based marketing, like fire, can be helpful, but it can also burn you. The whitepaper addresses five of the “burners” – the most common mistakes marketers make when leveraging location in mobile advertising. More importantly, it details what you can do to avoid these pitfalls.

The whitepaper is founded on broad data points. For instance, we interviewed dozens of brands and agencies about their mobile advertising efforts to identify the consistent mistakes made when using location in their mobile advertising. We’ve also included industry stats that validate the status of location-driven mobile marketing that level-set the benefits and the risks of employing location-based audience targeting.

For example, you’ll learn that the use of mobile devices before or during in-store shopping trips influenced, or helped to convert, about $970 billion in sales in 2014 (28% of total sales!), and the fact that in-store shoppers who use their mobile phones spend 25%-50% more than those who don’t. This explains why BIA/Kelsey forecasts that 38% of all mobile ad spending will use location targeting in 2016.

With such a focus on location, it’s important for advertisers to understand how to – and how not to – safely and effectively use location in mobile advertising. Download the whitepaper Location Fails now, and learn how to avoid these five location fails.