Households Surpass Email for Ad Targeting. Here's Why:

by Chuck Moxley, CMO ad, "audience targeting", email, household
Households Surpass Email for Ad Targeting. Here's Why:

Of the many approaches to mobile ad targeting, two work. But only one works well.

Our white paper shows you what happens when you target by home address instead of email address. The result? A stronger return on your ad spend. Not a little stronger; a lot stronger.

Think about your own email history and residence history. Most of us have at least one work email address and at least two personal email addresses. You might use one personal address for sending and receiving as a family, and maybe another one for shopping online to help control the volume of marketing messages and avoid cluttering up the inbox you use most often.

Get this: statistics indicate that the average person actually has six different email addresses, and they last approximately three years. Given how often we change email addresses, it’s a wonder our friends can find us, much less a mobile marketer.

Now think about your personal residential history. Nearly 100 percent of us live in one home at a time. And statistically, we move about every seven years. So, what sounds more stable and reliable to you – email address or physical address? The obvious answer is your physical address.

With most of us using multiple email addresses, the odds are not good that you’ll pick the right one when targeting your mobile campaign. It’s a regular crapshoot. You may be paying to send your ad to an email account they never look at anymore.

And if you are trying to target geographically based on their email profile data, you’re taking a real risk. It’s up to the user to keep their profile information updated, and few of us do. As a result, you may be serving up ads to a person you think lives in Boston when in fact they now live in Boca Raton. And if you serve up an ad for snow tires to someone in Florida, you can be sure you’ll miss your target.

A home address makes a much more reliable key for matching the right person to your ad, rather than an email address. Make sense? You can get more information about this in our white paper, Debunking Four Mobile Marketing Myths. And yes – it’s free.