Customers Are Mobile — Even at Home

by Chuck Moxley advertising, cross-screen, home, mobile, targeting
Customers Are Mobile — Even at Home

There’s an assumption that mobile devices are what we use when we’re mobile – away from the home or office. Of course that’s true. But mobile devices are redefining how we live when we are not roaming about. In fact, recent stats show that 30 percent of internet data usage from home is now coming from our phones and tablets, not the desktop PC. And this percentage is rapidly growing.

This is a good reason to not put all your mobile ad eggs in the geolocation bucket. A person sitting in their Barcalounger may already be planning where they’re going and what they’re buying via their mobile device – it may in fact be tucked away in a pocket when they’re running the errands!

And so reaching your customer when they aren’t near your store is often just as, or more, important than trying to deliver your store or product ad when they are in your vicinity.

Our patented process let’s you know what individual households are buying — unquestionably the best predictor of what they are going to buy next. This means that, whether your customer is a block from your store or couching it at home, we can reliably get your ad to the customer most likely to purchase.

What’s more is that 4INFO has tied mobile devices to those households. Combined with their purchase history, this means we know which devices should see your ad because we accurately match more than 300 million mobile devices to their owners.

Most mobile ad delivery companies struggle to give you both reach and accuracy.  And yet this is our sweet spot. Our delivery platform provides the accuracy of deterministic methods that you only get with “walled gardens” AND we uniquely give you the reach of the probabilistic platforms.

If you need to accurately target customers across all of their screens, and with full nationwide reach — even on mobile at home — contact us to discuss how.