2017 Benchmarks: The Big 9 Takeaways

Newly Released 4INFO CPG Sales Lift Benchmarks Reveal 30% Increase in ROAS

If you’re a brand advertiser, and you haven’t yet seen our freshly-released CPG Sales Lift Measurement Benchmarks report, I strongly encourage you to check it out. Are you interested in evaluating and comparing performance across various campaigns and brand categories with your own campaigns? Looking for some persuasive justification for increasing your digital or mobile ad budget?  Download the report.

Our 2017 Benchmarks captures key data points from 248 sales lift measurement studies, performed by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, involving 138 brands. When I say sales lift, I really mean sales lift based on honest-to-goodness actual in-store sales data, not guesstimated from having seen people visit a grocery store with their smartphone at some point.

While I encourage you to read the entire 22-page report, here are what I think are the nine biggest learnings culled from the data:
  1. The average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in 2016 on advertised items rose a remarkable 30 percent over 2015 (see page 5 in the benchmarks report for more).
  2. The ROAS average for advertised items and halo over the last four years and all 248 campaigns is now $2.68 – a 5 percent increase (page 6, 7).
  3. Brands can expect to achieve a positive ROAS from their mobile ad campaigns; 9 out of 10 did so in 2016 (page 8).
  4. Strategy and execution matters! Well-executed campaigns garnered double the average ROAS (page 11).
  5. The highest performing campaigns generated $3 million-plus in incremental sales for the advertised item (page 11).
  6. Since 2013, we’ve generated an estimated $330 million in total incremental sales for our CPG advertisers, and we know that because of these highly precise, independent measurement studies (page 16).
  7. Top performers were campaigns in the baby, over-the-counter and health & beauty categories with an average ROAS of $3.38, $2.95 and $2.57 respectively (page 9).
  8. Mobile campaigns that included some video units blew non-video campaigns out of the water with 48% higher incremental sales lift, achieving a 19 percent higher ROAS — despite media cost that average 25% higher CPM’s! (Page 12, 13)
  9. Campaigns featuring either a promotion or coupon outperformed other creative formats by as much as 80 percent (page 14).
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. While the numbers varied depending on category, measurement type and creative approaches, the data leaves no question;
  • Mobile ad campaigns are reaching an increasing number of consumers and generating ever-higher returns.
  • The vast majority of brands running ad campaigns are seeing sales growth that more than pays for the investment.
  • In an era of distrust and lack of transparency in digital media, sales lift measurement done the right way provides a beacon of hope for advertisers, giving them an apples-to-apples comparison that can be used across publishers and platforms to uncover problems of viewability, fraud and inaccurate targeting.
The report is free, and the learnings are priceless. You can download the 2017 CPG Sales Lift Measurement Benchmarks report, or read the press release.