Digital Expectations in a TV World

Today, advertisers have nearly unlimited ways to target consumers using digital advertising: what they paid for their house and who lives there, the cars they drive, the groceries they buy, the places they go and the hobbies they enjoy. And the same source of data that's used for targeting can also be leveraged to measure the impact of the advertising. It’s no longer good enough to know if they were exposed to the ad; advertisers rightly want to understand if the ad caused the person to visit a store and purchase the advertised product.
Now that advertisers have grown comfortable with the precise targeting and measurement of digital advertising, they expect to have the same ability in traditional advertising, including the medium advertisers choose to spend the most dollars in:  television. “As television advances with things like addressable TV and set-top box data, there is an increase in requests from clients to apply the same targeting practices and audience-defining capabilities to TV as we do in digital,” noted Denise Colella, Senior Vice President of Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy at NBCUniversal in an interview with eMarketer.

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