Helping companies survive and thrive in the digital + TV convergence

If you think about it…

It only makes sense that 4INFO is leading the charge into digital + TV advertising convergence.

We already have the skills and track record of targeting and measuring digital advertising with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

Add to that our growing partnerships with leading television players, such as Premion in the OTT space, and you’ve got exactly what brand marketers want – coordinated true and full omnichannel advertising.

But in case you haven’t yet thought about it…

These resources will bring you up to speed. If you’re seeking a holistic understanding of consumers across all their screens, so that you can get the message and frequency perfect and then measure cross-screen impact, here’s how we do it:

TV is dead. Long live TV!

In short, TV has a new life, now that advertisers can run coordinated cross-screen campaigns with precise, digital-like targeting and closed-loop measurement of real-world outcomes. The old monarch of traditional TV – of measuring only audience viewership – is indeed dead, but there’s a new monarch rising to the throne, and its name is Advanced TV.