That’s How the Cookie Crumbles

by Kirsten McMullen cookies, cross-channel, "mobile advertising"
That’s How the Cookie Crumbles

When I saw an e-mail titled “cookies” this morning, I was looking forward to possibly scarfing down a few holiday goodies in the company kitchen as my second breakfast.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, the email was not about snickerdoodles, but about digital cookies – those building blocks of digital advertising.  On a regular basis, those of us in mobile need to explain why and how cookies don’t work in mobile, and what advertisers can do to achieve their goals without them.

To that end, Mike Sands (CEO at Signal), penned a great column over at Marketing Land that explains exactly how and why cookies crumble in a mobile-first world.  It’s a quality read that covers the basics on the limitations of cookie technology.  He goes on to write,

“But marketers deserve innovative approaches for capturing and connecting cross-channel data and identity in real time. Otherwise, they won’t be able to identify and understand their customers, let alone target and communicate with them accurately and efficiently.

Marketers should start asking their technology partners questions like: How are you preparing for a connected, cross-channel world without cookies? What new approaches are included in your technology roadmap?

More forward-looking tech partners will let marketers know that cookieless data collection technology has evolved to the point where it’s possible for them to collect and merge data across web, mobile apps, CRM (customer relationship management) and other channels like point of sale and distribute the data across marketing endpoints in real time.”

And I’ll add to that, that you can use that data to be far more effective in your mobile and cross-channel advertising.  Forward-thinking brands are already doing this, but it’s tough to break the bonds of cookie technology.  Marketers must demand more from their agencies and themselves.