The Importance of Identity Resolution

by Chuck Moxley, CMO "addressable device graph", advertising, "audience targeting", cross-channel, targeting
The Importance of Identity Resolution

No one said it would be easy to master true “identity resolution.” Many marketers even find the concept difficult to understand. Forrester Research does a thorough job describing, demystifying, and explaining the value of it in their recent report The Strategic Role of Identity Resolution, which we encourage you to download and explore.

Identity Resolution in a nutshell

Identity Resolution is about accurately identifying your customer  — no matter what device they’re using — before you message them with an ad, and then using that identity to plan and deliver the right message at the right time. It’s key to achieving successful cross-channel customer experiences, which is imperative to being customer focused today. You can no longer afford to identify your customer in only one channel, not when your customer lives and thrives in a multi-channel world.

So, what is there to resolve? 

Each data source a marketer uses to identify who the customer is but one facet of the individual customer. The only way to accurately target your message is to not only identify the customer in each data source but then to resolve each unique source to determine holistically who the person is.

Identity Resolution in four steps — rinse and repeat

The Forrester report uses these four buckets to explain the process of identity resolution:

  1. Gathering relevant data from various resources
  2. Connecting these sources of identity and customer information
  3. Consolidating identities to build profiles
  4. Creating and delivering campaigns across touch points and devices

Where 4INFO fits in to this

Thanks to our game-changing, patented solutions for matching people to devices, 4INFO is uniquely positioned to help brands implement an identity resolution strategy and measure results across channels. We have a truly unique way to solve the #1 challenge in mobile and cross-screen targeting — knowing who the device belongs to. We use a method so unique it’s earned multiple patents. It’s how we accurately match people across more than 500 million digital screens.

Another differentiator: We uniquely enable brands to measure the direct impact of a company’s mobile/digital campaigns using in-store sales transaction data — not just store visits. This means that you can concretely determine if the dollars you put into your mobile and cross-screen advertising actually drove sales in stores. In fact, more than 200 independent measurement studies have proven how our unparalled targeting accuracy and unbelievable reach delivered more than $250 million in incremental sales lift for our advertisers.

We encourage you to check out this complimentary October 2016 report from Forrester.  It helps B2C marketers understand the process and applications for identity resolution.