Brands Fall Behind in the Age of Me TV

The following post was recently published by Martech Advisor.

In the words of Dylan, The Times Are a Changin’ … but agencies and brands are not changing to keep up. New technologies have radically expanded the screens audiences use and how they use them. This new paradigm is radically morphing how brands must connect to their audience across those myriad screens, including television.

Media Consumption in the Age of TV

For decades, brands have been using television to build brand awareness and emotionally engage audiences. Buying television was fairly simple; just determine the demographic audience that most closely aligns with your brand, then buy spots on TV shows that people in that demographic watch. Defining success was rudimentary; estimate how many in your demographic target saw the commercial. And if people talked about your commercial over the watercooler the day after your spot debuted, it was a home run!

But does this work today? 

Media Consumption in the Age of Me TV

Television media consumption by consumers has changed dramatically over the last five years. The question is whether brands are changing their approaches fast enough to catch them. Read More...