The Truth is Out There: How to Evaluate Identity Graphs?

The following post was recently published by Martech Advisor.

Do you ever feel like you need FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the television program The X-Files when you’re evaluating identity platforms to determine if they can help solve your marketing challenges?  As an industry, we’ve not made it easy to understand or compare offerings.
Most companies are now pursuing people-based marketing and that requires identity resolution to reach people on their many devices and screens. It seems like a new identity graph is announced weekly from yet another company, and no one advertises a device graph anymore, once the hottest thing in digital marketing. And do you even know the difference between deterministic vs. probabilistic matching?
While it’s not easy to sift through ever-changing, vague terminology and exaggerated claims to get to the truth, it’s not impossible. You must become a more discerning buyer, asking the right questions, pushing for proof and probing until you get to the truth.

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