The Yin-Yang of Precision Advertising in Advanced TV

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Brands Fall Behind in the Age of Me TV

In the age of "me TV," the consumer is calling the shots and brands are not keeping up. If OTT, addressable TV and advanced TV are on your radar, you'll want to check out this recent article.

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A Landmark Cross-Screen Crossing

4INFO recently executed its 100th cross-screen advanced TV campaign. The cumulative results undergird longheld beliefs about what's possible and alter the course of future brand campaigns.

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Ad Targeting and Measurement: The High Cost of Waiting for Perfection

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Helping companies survive and thrive in the digital + TV convergence

The dream of digital-like targeting and measurement in TV is a reality that 4INFO customers are quickly embracing.  

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The Truth is Out There: How to Evaluate Identity Graphs?

Learn the most important steps you should take to evaluating identity graphs, and why building your own might make sense. ... Read more