Why Our New Partnership with Kantar’s Shopcom Launches a Targeting and Measurement Revolution

by Chuck Moxley, CMO "audience targeting", "campaign measurement", Kantar, "mobile marketing"
Why Our New Partnership with Kantar’s Shopcom Launches a Targeting and Measurement Revolution

The result of our partnership with Kantar’s Shopcom announced yesterday is significant, heralding a potential sea change in how manufacturers will market to today’s mobile audience, with the ability to accurately target their customers based on their buying habits, and then know with certainty how to measure the return on their investment. So, let me explain why, and how.

Brands choose 4INFO because of our ability to precisely target audiences across their screens using past purchase data (much more accurate than using a history of locations where a mobile device has been) and then measure campaigns based on exactly how much in incremental in-store sales the campaign delivered (far better than tracking store visits based on ad requests).

While we can work with companies like Acxiom and Experian to gain access to a brand’s CRM and POS data, that doesn’t work for manufacturers who sell products across many different retailers since they don’t have access to the retail sales data.  Which is why we launched our platform three years ago with Nielsen Catalina Solutions as a partner, providing ready access to UPC-level sales data from dozens of different retailers.

And it worked.  CPG brands have been “leaning in” to mobile for a couple of years thanks to easy targeting and measurement across retailers.

But what if you distributed or manufactured, say, a motor oil or a game console – something that would be sold essentially everywhere – in many brands of retail stores, each with their own silo of purchaser information? You would have trouble aggregating that kind of silo’d data in order to take advantage of 4INFO’s ability to help you target your ad based on past purchase data of your customers and then measuring the campaign’s success based on them buying more of your products.

That’s exactly what we’ve gained from our Kantar partnership. Now, manufacturers that sell products across multiple retailers in 15 different retail sectors can leverage Kantar Shopcom’s data aggregation at the UPC level using 4INFO’s platform to target ads across the screens of your customers based on their past purchases, regardless of where they bought your product, and regardless of how they purchased it – with card or cash.

Combine that with campaign measurement of actual incremental in-store sales across all of those same retailers, and you’ve got something truly revolutionary. Do the math and you’ll see why:

  • Kantar’s retail data is collected from 175 million unique consumers from 32,000+ retailers in shopping centers across the U.S.
  • That data includes more than 55 million product SKUs – that’s more than 16 billion transactions, adding up to $1.5 trillion in sales.
  • The aggregate SKU-level data pool crosses 15+ retail sectors and 300+ retail categories, including apparel, automotive, electronics, home improvement, jewelry, office supplies, sporting goods, books, and more.
We’ve already seen CPG mobile marketing transformed because of what 4INFO can already do for them.  Now, by merging our abilities with Kantar’s SKU data, we will inevitably see manufacturers lean in to this targeting capability too; they will take advantage of how we can now combine the SKU info with purchase history and device data to reach the individual with the ideal mobile device ad, and to do so even across channels to the individual’s desktop or laptop for a fully integrated campaign.  

If you think this new capability made possible by the partnership of 4INFO and Kantar’s Shopcom may give birth to a new mobile advertising paradigm for your business, contact us to discuss the options.