A Landmark Cross-Screen Crossing

As you know, 4INFO’s built a solid, multi-year reputation as a leading cross-channel identity and activation solutions company. But did you know that we’re also the go-to source for ad campaigns that coordinate across all screens, including TV, both OTT and traditional TV?  

Here’s the proof in that pudding. This month, we crossed over the one-hundred mark, completing our 100th Advanced TV cross-screen campaign. Collectively, these campaigns spanned retail, CPG, financial, automotive and entertainment sectors: campaigns that coordinated across digital, OTT and traditional TV. And more than 90 percent of these campaigns demonstrated offline sales-lift measurement results.

While this is a thing to be proud of, the news that’s getting the most buzz is this; the leading brands are experiencing firsthand the dollar value of coordinating TV and digital targeting. For example, they are seeing offline sales-lift measurement results as high as 462 percent in the financial services segment and as high as 129 percent in the retail category, with a 146 percent increase in brand penetration! 

My favorite stat (because it applies to all campaigns) is this; on average, households exposed to campaigns coordinated across both TV and digital boosted the impact by 32 percent.

In short, we’ve now demonstrated conclusively that “Advanced TV is no longer an experiment,” to quote CEO Tim Jenkins. We’re taking our OTT (Over-The-Top), Connected TV and Addressable TV partners deeper into the household than ever before. And our Advanced TV Solutions are taking brand marketers into a fully mapped all-screens view of a home address’s connected devices.

True cross-screen targeting and accurate measurement is not just a theoretical concept. It’s here and happening every day at 4INFO, and we’ve done the 100-plus campaigns that prove it.

That’s a snapshot. Get the full scoop in this press release!