TV is dead! Long live TV!

We can all agree TV has changed, rapidly and radically. There's little arguing the trends of live TV — as today’s consumers watch their favorite shows on their own schedules, using an increasing variety of providers and screens. And when it comes to people-based marketing in this age of television and digital convergence, smart marketers are welcoming a host of new opportunities.
With 4INFO Advanced TV solutions, advertisers run coordinated campaigns with precise, digital-like targeting and closed-loop measurement in foot traffic and sales lift. TV isn’t dead. But the days of measuring only audience viewership are numbered.

Cross-Screen TV Retargeting

Multiply the impact of TV ad campaigns by extending reach to the exact same audience across all the mobile and connected devices in their households.

Audience Expansion

Expand your audience to virtually every US household that matches your precise targeting criteria, including those not subscribing to a specific TV platform.

Audience Addressability

Create Custom Connected Identity Maps to make television audiences fully addressable and available for people-based marketing campaigns.

Closed-Loop, Cross-Screen Measurement

Give your customers true closed-loop measurement by trusted third-party experts, so you can prove the value of your platform with meaningful return on ad spend.

“As television advances with things like addressable TV and set-top box data, there is an increase in requests from clients to apply the same targeting practices and audience-defining capabilities to TV as we do in digital.”
–Denise Colella, Senior VP, Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy, NBCUniversal

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