Whether you’re an advertiser or agency hoping to achieve greater campaign reach and impact, or a media company looking to sell larger ad buys, 4INFO’s Cross-Screen TV Retargeting puts you in control.

Our patented, deterministic method of mapping digital devices to people and households and direct match to your subscribers’ households ensures that cross-screen campaigns are delivered to the same exact households.

By running a coordinated campaign, you multiply the impact of your advertising across all connected devices in the households of your audience, including smartphones, tablets, eReaders, desktops, laptops and connected TV guides. It also means you can track their purchases for post-campaign sales lift studies.

This enables you to find and deliver your message to these tough-to-reach targets:

  • Consumers who are viewing television programming via other platforms (e.g. OTT instead of addressable TV).
  • The 65% of US TV viewers who use a second device while watching TV and tune out commercials.
  • Younger (and often more valuable) demographic groups who consume more TV via digital than they do through traditional television.
  • The 25% of US households that are either cord cutters, cord shavers or cord nevers.

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