The avalanche of data has transformed the way we understand consumers, target our advertising and measure its impact. And those who know what to do with it are forging ahead, while those who don’t are quickly falling behind. The difference is Bullseye ID® — the 4INFO Identity + Activation Cloud.

To drive your people-based marketing, you need a platform that more effectively maps people, screens and data. Because that leads to cross-screen identity mapping, activation and meaningful measurement. With Bullseye ID, you’re better equipped to stay competitive and profitable in this converging digital age.

Unlike other identity solutions, we start by mapping mobile devices to a home address. This unique, patented approach enables you to:

  • Achieve greater onboarding scale, especially in mobile. Map 3X — 6X more mobile devices than solutions built for a tethered, desktop world.
  • Map more people to more data. By using home address — the most persistent and effective match key – you’ll avoid the loss others experience using email address as the initial match key.
  • Accurately map the widest range of other digital identifiers, such as: IP address, cookies and email address — to make more connected devices and device types addressable.
  • Leverage deterministic methods — critical for more accurate audience delivery and people-based measurement.
Learn more about the solutions available with the 4INFO Identity + Activation Cloud below.

Audience Solutions

Onboard and create audiences for targeting, enabling people-based marketing that goes beyond demographic characteristics.

Advertising Solutions

Activate cohesive audience segments at scale, each fully addressable across screens and properties, then synchronize ad delivery.

Measurement Solutions

Enable Full-Funnel Analytics across all platforms and screens, including online and offline sales, then use insights to acquire new customers.

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