With the 4INFO Connected Identity Map, you can make your data even more valuable by turning it into actionable, addressable consumers. Whether you start with your own first-party data, purchase one of our Syndicated Audiences, or acquire third-party data from one of our partners – you can overlay specific behavioral attributes to create narrowly defined targets and upload them to 4INFO’s platform or the DSP or DMP of your choice.


The proliferation of consumer data represents an opportunity with nearly unlimited possibilities.

  • Start by mapping out your own first-party data to build audiences based on what they buy, how much and how often.
  • Or you can purchase audience segments in the data marketplace from valued providers such as: Acxiom, NCS, Experian or Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom.
  • Then, you can overlay relevant attributes such as: brand affinity, demographics, purchase frequency, location data and hundreds of other variables.
By customizing these third-party segments, you’ll create unique audiences that are more meaningful – and powerful – for your people-based campaigns.


Using machine learning and billions of data points on over 500 million devices in 90 million homes, 4INFO has created thousands of actionable audiences based on demographics, residences, shopping tendencies, device attributes, lifestyles and more.

4INFO Syndicated Audiences offer massive scale and include the following segments:

  • Predictive Visitors™ – to specific Points of Interest or POI categories within the next 30 days (e.g. Quick Service Restaurants, auto dealers, etc.).
  • Device-level characteristics – including: carrier, operating system, device type, app usage, etc.
  • Demographics – such as: age range and gender
  • Geographic – segmenting those who reside in particular DMAs, states and time zones.
  • Lifestyle – targeting people whose app usage indicates interests, hobbies and lifestyle choices.
The 4INFO Predictive Visitors segments enable marketers to significantly expand targeting while improving accuracy. Our unique approach begins with past location data as seed, then applies machine learning to our entire customer universe. The result: Much larger audiences than location targeting companies that rely solely on past visits.

With the industry’s largest addressable device graph, 4INFO ensures you’re reaching the right people in the right place at the right time.