For CPG, Mobile Promotions Push Targets to Store

by eMarketer

CPG mobile ad campaigns drive $500,000 in in-store sales on average

The US consumer packaged goods (CPG) and consumer products industry will spend $2.33 billion on mobile advertising this year, representing 47.0% of digital ad spending in the industry, eMarketer estimates.

Recent research by 4INFO and Catalina examined how those dollars would affect in-store sales. The study looked at 83 mobile campaigns across a variety of CPG categories for 59 different brands; campaign durations ranged from four to 38 weeks, with 12 weeks on average. Overall, CPG brand mobile ad campaigns generated an average of half a million dollars in in-store sales, though the gap between the highest and lowest results observed was huge. In-store sales per thousand impressions were nearly $30 on average, with $76.33 the highest and $3.09 the lowest

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