Mobile Ad Blocking Is Not A Crisis – Yet

by Mobile Marketer

Ad blocking is a hot topic made hotter by the launch of Apple iOS 9, which gave developers permission to create ad blockers on Safari mobile. Samsung recently followed suit, allowing ad blocking in its native mobile browser. It also gave advertisers a scare, but there is no reason to panic. While blocking ads on desktop browsers is common, it is still relatively rare on mobile.

Apple acted quickly to curtail in-application ad blocking out of concerns around privacy and the potential interception of data between the user and the apps they use, but also perhaps out of concern it would strip app developers of their ability to monetize great content. 

Apple was quick to remove the first in-app ad-blocking app from the Apple Store and has continued to remove others.  

The company also issued a refund to users who bought the top ad-blocking app known as Peace. It was an unusual move for Apple, removing any doubt about their stance on in-app ad blocking.  

Google was quick to remove the first Samsung mobile browser ad blocker from the Google Play store for violations of its developer agreement. It is clear that the ad blocking war is on. [ READ MORE ]