Publishers, Platforms And Brands Rethink Conventional Metrics

by Ad Exchanger

The industry appears to be inching slowly but surely toward advertising metrics and pricing models that better reflect reality.

“We are in a ‘show me’ industry and advertisers aren’t looking for clicks anymore,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO, which released a mobile advertising benchmark study on in-store sales lift on Friday in collaboration with shopper marketing juggernaut Catalina. 4INFO provides its advertiser clients – Gerber, Tide, Ben & Jerry’s, Olay, Kraft, Pampers and Dole among them – with campaign metrics around ROAS, UPC- and SKU-level sales lift and product lift vs. brand lift.

“Marketers want to be able to justify spend in mobile and cross-screen, but what they get back from agencies are traditional web metrics,” Jenkins said. “But that’s because agencies are compensated to generate digital KPIs.”

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