4INFO Advanced TV Solutions Help Marketers Maximize Digital & TV Convergence

San Mateo, Calif. (Aug 28, 2018) — 4INFO, an identity and activation solutions company, today announced the general availability of its Advanced TV Solutions to give brand advertisers the ability to reach consumers across all screens with the precise targeting and measurement of digital campaigns and the branding impact of television.
“With our roots in mobile and proven experience linking digital devices to offline data, we are now extending 4INFO’s platform to give brand marketers the bridge they need to identify and reach the same consumers in both digital, OTT and traditional TV,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO at 4INFO. “Our Advanced TV solutions enable advertisers to coordinate campaigns that enable true cross-screen targeting and measurement.”
With more than 65 percent of U.S. adults using another device while watching television (eMarketer), 4INFO’s Advanced TV solutions give marketers the same precise audience-defining capabilities of digital advertising to TV commercials. 4INFO’s Advanced TV solutions include: Cross-Screen TV Retargeting, TV Audience Expansion, TV Audience Addressability and TV ROI.
Cross-Screen TV Retargeting
Marketers can multiply the impact of TV buys, onboarding and reaching the exact same audience across all the mobile and connected devices in a household — including smartphones, tablets, eReaders, desktops, laptops and connected TV. devices.
TV Audience Expansion
Marketers can expand their audience to reach every U.S. household that matches precise targeting criteria, including those not subscribing to a specific TV platform.
TV Audience Addressability
Creating Custom Connected Identity Maps means marketers can make television viewers and audiences fully addressable, and then link to the household for improved data overlays, targeting and closed-loop measurement.
TV ROI: Closed-Loop, Cross-Screen Measurement
Marketers can calculate a precise Return on Ad Spend measurement for each campaign with trusted third-party measurement experts, such as Nielsen, Experian, Acxiom, Equifax, Kantar Shopcom, Commerce Signals and more. 
Advanced TV Solutions – Privacy Safe, Already Proven and Ready
“Any new identity solutions we bring to market have to be ready for the biggest brands to implement,” Jenkins explained. “And with the GA announcement, customers and partners have the assurance that our solutions — developed with our privacy-first approach — are market-ready through nearly 12 months of continued refinement with strategic partners like Premion, AT&T and others.”