4INFO and TiVo Collaborate on Enhanced Data-Driven Targeting and Insights Across Growing CTV and OTT Ecosystem

4INFO and TiVo Collaborate on Enhanced Data-Driven Targeting and Insights Across Growing CTV and OTT Ecosystem
TiVo’s Targeted Audience Delivery Data Engine Extends to Mobile-First and IP Address-Based Customers, Using 4INFO Custom Connected Identity Map™.
TiVo is First-to-Market using 4INFO Custom Identity Mapping Solution
in the Global Entertainment Technology and Audience Insights Category.
San Jose, Calif. (March 12, 2019) — 4INFO, an identity and media activation solutions company, today announced that it has joined forces with TiVo Corporation (NASDAQ: TIVO), a global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights, to deliver enhanced data-driven audience targeting and insights in the fast-growing OTT/CTV category.
The 4INFO Custom Connected Identity Map™ (CCIM) gives TiVo and its customers the ability to make data and audiences addressable and extendable beyond their current footprint — including both TV and digital media —using mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) and IP addresses as match keys.
“TiVo’s Targeted Audience Delivery customers use our unique data and insights products, including viewership data, attribution and segments to access sought-after verticals, like: CPG, retail, auto, pharma and QSR,” said Walt Horstman, senior vice president and general manager, advanced media and advertising, for TiVo. “Our collaboration with 4INFO leverages their unique identity mapping capabilities to make this audience addressable and extendable to a much large number of households and across multiple devices, while supporting our newly launched Connected TV advertising solutions.”
“In the world of advanced TV, brands increasingly realize they have to take control of their own data,” said Tim Jenkins, 4INFO CEO.  “We continue to see that a combined mobile and IP address-based identity map lies at the heart of an effective data strategy.”
“By leveraging the scale and accuracy of 4INFO’s identity and media activation solutions, TiVo is delivering a platform that solves the industry-wide challenges of addressability and accountability in advanced TV,” said Jenkins.
The 4INFO CCIM allows brands to build their own identity map and then activate media on any platform without sharing data with publishers, and is available as part of the company’s comprehensive Audience Solutions, that also include: data onboarding, audience identification and advanced TV offerings.

About 4INFO
4INFO is an identity and media activation solutions company. Born in mobile, 4INFO’s platform powers people-based marketing with its patented Bullseye ID®— a persistent, accurate match key that maps all connected devices to a home address —and valuable first-, second-, third-party and location data —without compromising privacy. 4INFO gives media companies, brands and data companies the ability to deliver audience insights, precise targeting, cross-screen syncing and delivery, and closed-loop campaign measurement with industry-leading accuracy, reach and scale. 4INFO’s platform has been proven effective by more than 500 independent measurement studies. Hundreds of brands rely on 4INFO, including top 10 CPG, retail, financial services, and pharmaceutical companies, along with the five largest auto manufacturers. 4INFO is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in New York, Chicago and Detroit. To learn more, visit 4INFO.com.
About TiVo
TiVo Corporation (NASDAQ: TIVO) is a global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights. From the interactive program guide to the DVR, TiVo delivers innovative products and licensable technologies that revolutionize how people find content across a changing media landscape. TiVo enables the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience. Explore the next generation of entertainment at tivo.com or follow us on Twitter @tivo or @tivoforbusiness.