4INFO to Become Kantar Shopcom’s First Mobile Platform to Enable SKU-Level Targeting Across 15+ Retail Categories

San Mateo, Calif. (November 24, 2015) — 4INFO, the fast-growing technology company solving the challenge of mobile attribution for national brand advertisers, today announced a new partnership with Kantar Shopcom— a data integration, analytics, and insights firm that measures the impact of a brand’s messaging on actual retail purchases. Through the partnership, 4INFO will become Kantar Shopcom’s first mobile platform to enable SKU-level targeting for retailers across 15+ categories with the introduction of 4INFO’s Kantar Shopcom Retail Product Segments.
“Access to SKU-level purchase data has previously been only available to CPG marketers, giving them the ability to precisely target and measure mobile ad campaigns with tremendous results based on sales lift. The availability of such a category-wide data source has fueled tremendous growth in mobile advertising from CPG brands. Now with 4INFO’s new retail solution in partnership with Kantar Shopcom, we expect to see similar interest from companies that sell across other retail categories,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO.
4INFO’s new Kantar Shopcom Retail Product Segments solution offers retailers a powerful product that accesses retail data collected from 175 million unique consumers from 32,000+ retailers in shopping centers across the U.S. The SKU-level data represents 15+ retail sectors and 300+ retail categories — from apparel, automotive, electronics and home improvement to jewelry, office supplies and sporting goods — and comprises 55,000,000 products. More than 16 billion transactions represent $1.5 trillion in sales (all payment forms).
"The combination of 4INFO's unprecedented mobile advertising platform and Kantar Shopcom's massive retail product purchase data enables brands and advertisers to target differentiated audience segments and drive incremental sales results. Our exciting partnership supports national campaigns and hyper-local marketing investments, which is increasingly essential for marketers as advertising dollars shift to mobile,” said Katie Casavant, (CEO) at Kantar Shopcom.
Previously limited to store-level data, retailers are often unclear about what items are actually purchased by individual consumers, and there wasn’t a viable way to measure lift for manufacturers of products sold across multiple retailers. “We are solving this challenge for retailer marketers with Kantar Shopcom’s powerful purchase data and 4INFO’s platform that accurately ties mobile devices to households,” Jenkins said. “Together, we will enable retailers to precisely target and measure results from their mobile ad campaigns—as well as across desktops and laptops with our MultiScreen™ solution—based on what matters most — actual sales at the cash register.”
About 4INFO
4INFO enables national brand advertisers to reach precise audiences across mobile devices and desktops and measure campaign success based on actual in-store sales lift. A privately-held company, 4INFO’s brand ad revenue has tripled consecutively since 2012 with more than 200 leading brands relying on its ad tech platform — including 8 of the top 10 largest CPG companies, 6 of the 10 largest retailers, and the 5 largest auto manufacturers. 4INFO’s technology reaches more than 95 percent of U.S. smartphone users in over 100 million households using a highly accurate, patented method that doesn't rely on cookies, IP addresses or probabilistic modeling. As the leader in sales lift measurement of mobile ad campaigns, 4INFO has powered more than 100 measurement studies with impressive accuracy and results, including a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) averaging 264% and as high as 1000%. On the forefront of mobile innovation since 2004, 4INFO is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Learn more at www.4INFO.com.
About Kantar Shopcom
Kantar Shopcom is a data integration, analytics and insights firm.  Kantar Shopcom connects what consumers see, feel and do to help retailers and marketers grow their brands.  The Shopcom dataset is the largest passively-collected, observed, multi-channel purchase behavior dataset in the industry, covering CPG, retail, entertainment, auto and services, including in-store and online, consumer-specific, SKU-level purchase behavior data for 300 million unique U.S. consumers.  Committed to high-performance collaboration, Kantar Shopcom partners with agencies, research firms and advertisers to enable more holistic and precise dimensionalization of target audiences, design of more effective communication plans and measurement of the effectiveness and ROI of marketing initiatives across all media platforms.  The resulting solutions deliver actionable insights that enable activation of more connected, more effective and more profitable brand communications. Kantar Shopcom is a Kantar Retail company and part of Kantar, WPP’s insight, information and consultancy group. Learn more at www.kantarshopcom.com.