Bought vs. Bot: Advertising Age Webinar

In a world fraught with bots, ad blockers, limited media budgets and increased scrutiny about digital ad effectiveness, closed-loop measurement offers advertisers a level of insight and assurance that media dollars being properly allocated. Yet many marketers and agencies still believe it is impossible to measure digital ad campaigns using in-store transaction data. They say the “Holy Grail” of measurement lacks access to the kind of data required to connect digital impressions to sales. Truth is, sales lift measurement is not only possible today, but it’s quickly becoming a required checkbox for smarter marketers. Why?

  1. It quantifies campaign success to justify ad spend.
  2. It provides new and powerful ways to objectively compare efficiency across publishers and manage risk of wasting precious ad dollars.

Tune into this webcast to learn how brands are measuring their digital cross-screen campaigns – and gaining a competitive advantage in the process. You’ll learn how it works and three important steps for gaining the actionable insights and transparency advertisers desire. We’ll also share four key learnings gleaned from 4INFO’s 2017 Benchmarks analyzing 250 independent measurement studies.  Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion.