Win the Converging World of TV and Digital: Meeting the New Omnichannel Challenge

by Chuck Moxley

Customers’ evolving entertainment and media habits have completely changed what advertisers, publishers and agencies must do to compete. Emerging platforms like Advanced TV are disrupting omnichannel marketing, but approach converging TV and digital campaigns successfully and you can reap significant rewards. So forget things like age/sex demographics and build targeted audience campaigns whose success can be measured through real-world behavior and in-store sales lift. 

Don’t let competing paths and questionable vendor claims keep you from succeeding. Join experts from 4INFO for the lowdown on how to be victorious in the converging TV and digital worlds. You’ll find out:

  • How radical advances in targeting and measurement are disrupting traditional omnichannel marketing practices
  • Four survival tips to help you navigate the new market
  • Practical strategies based on real-world case studies of converged TV-digital success