The Whole Funnel is the New Holy Grail

As spending on mobile ads has exploded, so has the demand for campaign accountability. In addition to traditional digital KPIs, an expanding array of metrics and tools is being used to evaluate mobile and cross-screen success. But are marketers getting a true, complete and meaningful picture of their results?

Join 4INFO to learn more about the vital role full-funnel analytics play in painting a detailed picture of campaign success. This webinar will examine:

  • Various measurement methodologies and how to deploy those that will tell you what you really need to know
  • How to assemble the right combination of metrics to achieve a full-funnel read of your campaigns
  • A way to factor the cost of non-viewable, fraudulent and other questionable impressions into your ROI
  • New mobile ad benchmarks that give you the ability to compare sales lift and return on ad spend to other campaigns across several categories