Target your customers with precision. Reach them with 4INFO.

Like pieces of a vividly complex puzzle finally clicking into place, 4INFO is the only platform provider delivering what marketers have wanted for so long. 4INFO uniquely gives you the ability to accurately target consumers across all of their screens at unprecedented scale, and then provide full funnel measurement to evaluate campaign success. Our customized, advertising solutions live up to the promise that cookie cutter providers cannot possibly match. So you can run multi-screen campaigns that deliver the bottom line results you demand.


Target your audience across multiple screens with credit card history or your own CRM data, then measure results in actual sales at the register.


A wealth of industry data helps automotive companies target potential buyers based on a huge array of affinity and in-market features.


We empower banks, credit card and insurance companies to reach precisely targeted mobile audiences efficiently and effectively.


4INFO leverages valuable purchase data to target consumers based on product category, frequency and even brand preference.