Why 6 of the top 10 retailers fill their carts with 4INFO.

By incorporating consumer data from industry-leading providers or your own CRM system, we enable retailers to precisely target mobile audiences based on a wide array of actual household purchase data. Bridging the gap between that data and more than 300 million mobile devices enables you to serve ads to highly segmented customers across all their screens. While foot traffic is one measure of customer engagement, 4INFO takes it much further, measuring incremental sales lift at the cash register. It’s no wonder 6 of the top 10 retailers fill their carts and boost their sales with 4INFO.


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Many are struggling to market to this generation, but it’s worth winning since millennials represent more than $200B a year in spending.

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Acxiom SVOC Report: The Millennial Issue

Spring sale campaign targeting loyal customers drove in-store and online sales lift and $6.90 ROAS.

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Retail CRM Campaign



4INFO lets you see how your campaign succeeds at the cash register, where it counts.

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