You have a ton of 1st party CRM data and easy access to copious quantities of 3rd party data, including detailed purchase history. So you have a pretty good idea who you want to reach. And since most of that data is tied to a home address, you know where those data-generating consumers live. But accurately reaching them on their mobile devices and other digital screens at scale, well, that’s always been the tough part. But not for 4INFO.
You see, we own the patent on mapping mobile devices to people using their home address as a match key. (Actually, we own three patents, but who’s counting?) Just give us the home addresses, and we’ll onboard their mobile and desktop IDs at a rate that’s 4x-6x greater than any other platform, all while achieving the accuracy of deterministic methods. So you can reach more of your true audience across all of their screens, resulting in bigger campaigns with a bigger sales impact.

4INFO onboards mobile and desktop IDs at a rate 4x-6x greater than other platforms.

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