4INFO Announces Completion of 100 Advanced TV Cross-Screen Campaigns

San Mateo, Calif. (Oct 9, 2018) — 4INFO, an identity and activation solutions company, today announced the completion of 100 Advanced TV cross-screen campaigns with offline sales-lift measurement results for over 90 percent. In campaigns spanning retail, CPG, financial, automotive and entertainment sectors, leading brands are experiencing firsthand the dollar value of coordinating TV and digital targeting, with offline sales-lift measurement results as high as 462 percent.
“With this industry milestone, it’s clear that advanced TV is no longer an experiment,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO at 4INFO. “Every day, marketers using 4INFO are delivering campaigns that coordinate across digital, OTT and traditional TV ­— enabling true cross-screen targeting and measurement.”
Key findings within the 100 Advanced TV Cross-Screen campaigns, include:

  • Combined TV and digital campaigns resulted in offline sales-lift results as high as 462 percent for a single financial services campaign.
  • Within the retail category, combined TV and digital campaigns resulted in offline sales-lift results as high as 129 percent, with a 146 percent increase in brand penetration. 
  • On average, households exposed to campaigns coordinated across both TV and digital boosted the impact by 32 percent.
4INFO is enabling its TV partners — including OTT (Over-The-Top), Connected TV and Addressable TV — to go deeper into the household. “With 4INFO’s Advanced TV Solutions, we’re enabling brand marketers to map all connected devices to a home address — the most effective way to precisely reach the same consumers across all screens — and then enable real-world measurement,” Jenkins said.
4INFO’s Advanced TV solutions include:
Cross-Screen TV Retargeting
Marketers can multiply the impact of TV buys, onboarding and reaching the exact same audience across all the mobile and connected devices in a household — including smartphones, tablets, eReaders, desktops, laptops and connected TV devices.
TV Audience Expansion
Marketers can expand their audience to reach every U.S. household that matches precise targeting criteria, including those not subscribing to a specific TV platform.
TV Audience Addressability
With 4INFO’s Custom Connected Identity Maps™, marketers can make television viewers and audiences fully addressable and then link to the household for improved data overlays, targeting and closed-loop measurement.
TV ROI: Closed-Loop, Cross-Screen Measurement
Marketers can calculate a precise Return on Ad Spend measurement for each campaign with trusted third-party measurement experts, such as Nielsen, Experian, Acxiom, Equifax, Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom, Commerce Signals and more. 
“Because TV has always had measurement in its DNA, the ability to measure cross-screen campaigns is more critical than ever,” Jenkins added. “And with the convergence of digital and TV, the days of measuring only audience viewership are numbered.”

About 4INFO
4INFO is an identity and activation solutions company. Born in mobile, 4INFO’s platform powers people-based marketing with its patented Bullseye ID®— a persistent, accurate match key that maps all connected devices to a home address —and valuable first, second, third-party and location data —without compromising privacy. 4INFO gives media companies, brands and data companies the ability to deliver audience insights, precise targeting, cross-screen syncing and delivery, and closed-loop campaign measurement with industry-leading accuracy, reach and scale. 4INFO’s platform has been proven effective by more than 500 independent measurement studies. Hundreds of brands rely on 4INFO, including top 10 CPG, retail, financial services, and pharmaceutical companies, along with the five largest auto manufacturers. 4INFO is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in New York, Chicago and Detroit. For more, visit 4INFO.com